Terms and conditions

1. Object

These terms and conditions regulate the use of the services provided and to be provided to Bluwalk, through its website.

2. Services

Bluwalk, as a global transportation operator, hires driver services, in the scope of the activities of TVDE (Individual and Paid Transportation of Passengers in Unmarked Vehicles through an Electronic Platform) and acquisition and/or collection and home delivery of goods and packages.

Through this website, Bluwalk discloses and furnishes the offers of the services that you wish to contract.

The service provider may, through this platform, choose the services it intends to provide to Bluwalk, as well as how they intend to provide the services, with what equipment and in what geographical location.

To do so, the service provider must log in to the website using a valid email address and Bluwalk shall provide them with their respective access credentials.

Services may be provided by the service provider themselves, individually, or by several drivers under their charge, who must be added by the service provider to their user account in their Reserved Area.

The prices and costs indicated by Bluwalk for advertising and/or marketing purposes are merely indicative and may be unilaterally changed by Bluwalk, with only the values contracted by the parties in their respective Reserved Area being binding.

Bluwalk does not guarantee the operation of, nor can it be responsible for failures of and/or the unavailability of service of applications or services of third-party entities, namely, providers of telecommunications services and electronic rideshare (TVDE) or home delivery platforms.

3. Conditions of Access to Services

The user of the website must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • - Be over 18 years of age;
  • - Have full capacity to exercise their rights;
  • - Use the website with respect for and in accordance with Portuguese law;
  • - Abstain from using the website for fraudulent purposes or in violation of these terms and conditions and/or Portuguese law.

These terms and conditions regulate the services provided solely and exclusively by Bluwalk, which is not bound to the services provided by other entities, even if these are redirected through Bluwalk's website.

4. Reserved Area

Bluwalk provides the Service Provider with access credentials to their own Reserved Area, where services are contracted by the parties and where all interactions between Bluwalk and the Service Provider take place, namely, the hiring of the equipment to be used, the choice of services to be provided, the submission of mandatory documentation to perform the activity, the consultation of statements, payments, debits and current accounts, drivers associated with the Service Provider, as well as all other elements necessary for the provision and execution of the services contracted by Bluwalk from the Driver.

The access credentials provided to the website user are personal and non-transferable and should be kept in a safe place free from undue access by third parties, since the use of these credentials allows for the online contracting of services and choice of equipment with all expenses and profits associated with the user of the account.

The account user is responsible for keeping their personal data updated, namely, their contacts, and Bluwalk may not be held liable for the failure to update such data.

All communications between Bluwalk and the account user are made through the dedicated space in their Reserved Area and are considered received on the business day following their submission.

Bluwalk reserves the right to block and/or exclude any account or user as a result of abusive use of the user account, of this platform, or the use and manipulation of contents and/or activities, in violation of these terms and conditions, of the contracts entered into between the parties and/or of Portuguese Law.

5. Payments

All payments to be made by Bluwalk to the service provider are processed in accordance with the conditions contracted by the parties in the website user’s Reserved Area, as well as the delivery and submission of the respective accounting documents supporting the operations.

6. Legislation, Jurisdiction and Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Law of the Portuguese Republic applies to these Terms and Conditions, as well as to the relationship between the parties.

The Judicial Court of the District of Porto is the competent jurisdiction for the resolution of any dispute arising between the parties, with the user expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction.

The user may, alternatively, appeal to a Dispute Resolution Entity, such as the Consumer Information and Arbitration Center of Porto, located on Rua Damião de Góis, 31, Loja 6, 4050-225, Porto, www.cicap.pt.

7. Privacy Policy

The collection and use of data by Bluwalk related to these Services is carried out and processed in accordance with the Bluwalk Privacy Policy, available for consultation here.